What Donald Trump doesn’t get

The Trump “presidency” has never existed to serve the American people, even though service is an important aspect of the job. Donald Trump never got that, and he still does not get it. He never wanted the job, and it shows. He pays little, if any, attention to daily briefings. He places blame for the Russian bounty scandal on others, but the blame rests solidly with him and his stubborn arrogance and refusal to do the very job he stole. It is a job that requires care, concern, and attention to detail, none of which Trump has. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is already showing that he will take the job seriously.

Trump has shown total disdain for the job. He cannot be bothered with intelligence reports; they have nothing to do with him. That tells you what he thinks about the rest of us. Our intelligence community protects us from harm, but when we have a “president” in office who refuses to read their reports, he puts us in harm’s way. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been vocal about what this job requires: a duty of care.

When Biden gave his speech in Philadelphia this week, we were reminded that Donald Trump claimed he would “be so presidential that you people will be so bored.” Yeah, right. He has been anything but. Joe Biden is looking more presidential every day, and he has not even taken the oath of office. After nearly four horrible years under Trump’s “leadership,” seeing a real president in action will be anything but boring.

Biden laid out steps we should take to battle coronavirus, and he said to attendees: “Your health will be my responsibility if I’m your president, and I will not abandon you.” When Biden takes office, he will be faced with several crises. Coronavirus, the economy, and systemic racism will be more than enough to fill his plate for four years, and we have no idea what else is waiting in the wings. We have an uncertain future ahead, and we need someone who is ready to address those uncertainties. Biden will put us back in good stead with our allies, and there will be no more pandering to Putin and Kim Jong-Un. We will not have a president who denigrates female leaders of our allies while kissing the asses of dictators. We will return to a sense of normalcy.

Some of Biden’s audience members are dealing with illnesses, and he gave his word that he would ensure their access to health care. His words were poignant as he spoke of his son Beau’s death and powerful when he spoke of the role of the president of the United States: “The presidency is a duty to care. A duty to care for everyone, not just who voted for you…. No trust is more sacred.” Unlike Trump, Biden gets it.

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