Donald Trump’s coronavirus test coverup is even worse than we thought

Today the United States surged into first place in the world when it comes to the number of confirmed coronavirus cases – a dubious and deadly distinction. During his press conference, Donald Trump suggested that this is only because the U.S. is doing more tests than other nations. These are the kinds of lies which make clear why Trump’s press conferences shouldn’t be aired live.

Emmy winning TV journalist Maureen McFadden spelled out precisely why this is a bunch of nonsense:


In reality, the woefully insufficient testing in the United States means that the actual number of coronavirus cases is way higher than the number that’s been confirmed. Sure, corrupt regimes in nations like China and Iran may be trying to artificially keep their numbers of confirmed cases down, but so is the corrupt Trump regime in the United States.

Responses to McFadden’s tweet help to reveal just how widespread the testing shortages are in the United States:


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