What a difference 48 hours has made

For months there was a popular narrative in political punditry that Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice were doing “nothing” about Trump world and January 6th. This was obviously false; no serious person would ever believe that the Garland DOJ was simply doing nothing. But plenty of pundits opportunistically pushed this nonsense to take advantage of the fact that no one could see what the DOJ was doing; after all, fear mongering sells. But over the past 48 hours we’ve finally started getting to see what the DOJ has been doing behind the scenes all this time.

First came the DOJ’s arrest of a double digit number of Oath Keepers leaders on Friday for seditious conspiracy, the most severe criminal charge that anyone could have hoped would be brought. This means that the DOJ has been painstakingly building these criminal cases in overwhelmingly comprehensive fashion for some time. In addition the DOJ’s decision to wait for all of the cases to be completed, before rounding them up at once, suggests it’s pitting them against each other to push one or more of them to flip quickly before the others can. And of course they’d be flipping on the next rung up on the ladder in the January 6th criminal conspiracy, which would mean people along the lines of Roger Stone and Alex Jones – in other words, key people in Trump world. But that was just the half of it.

On Saturday, key Donald Trump sedition ally Mike Lindell announced that his bank is closing down all his accounts due to reputational risk, in relation to a subpoena threat from the Feds. In other words, the DOJ appears to be following the January 6th Trump world money trail through Lindell. This comes on top of earlier reports that the DOJ was following the money trail through former Trump election lawyer Sidney Powell.

So within a span of 48 hours we’ve gone from having no real sense of what the DOJ was doing about Trump world and January 6th behind the scenes, to now seeing what appears to be the DOJ’s plan to take down the likes of Stone, Jones, Powell, and Lindell. Throw in the earlier raid against former Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing, and the federal criminal indictment against Trump money man Tom Barrack, and we’re starting to see that the DOJ really has been targeting Trump world from all sides.

This comes on top the revelation from earlier this week that that DOJ has begun having January 6th Capitol attackers formally confess that they were invading the Capitol because they believed Donald Trump wanted them to. Now we can suddenly see that the DOJ has been overwhelmingly targeting Trump and his people behind the scenes.


This still doesn’t prove that the DOJ is going to end up criminally indicting Donald Trump. The way these things work, the DOJ will need to continue successfully flipping people upward in order to get to Trump himself. But it fully disproves the ridiculous claim that the DOJ has been doing “nothing.” The pundits who spent months making this claim certainly knew better. There’s really no reason to ever listen to them again.

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