We’re in trouble

I’m sometimes accused of being an optimist, simply because I’m not willing to overstate the doom and gloom just to try to drum up ratings. Things are awful enough for real, without all these pundits who try to assign imaginary magical powers to Donald Trump that he simply doesn’t have. But I’ve got to tell you, as of today we’re in trouble.

Yesterday Donald Trump made a mafia-like threat against House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that was stunning even by Trump’s whacked out standards. Yet it barely garnered attention, because the Resistance was too busy trying to save its own house from burning down.

Bernie Sanders, who is the alleged Democratic “frontrunner” despite having only won two out of three states (with forty-seven states to go), spent Sunday taking a blowtorch to the American left. He went on 60 Minutes and partially praised Fidel Castro. Then he went on Twitter and needlessly alienated Jewish group AIPAC. It’s as if Sanders decided that his main goal of the day was to destroy the Democratic Party’s relationship with Hispanic voters and Jewish voters, two of its most important blocs. Along the way, Bernie had anti-vaxxer lunatic Marianne Williamson speak on stage at a rally in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, and Bernie surrogate Susan Sarandon decided that running Nancy Pelosi out of Congress is somehow now a priority.

Sanders is now setting so many fires on the American left, those of us who haven’t been brainwashed into joining his pied piper cult are now spending all day trying to put out those fires. How badly is Sanders blowing it? If Putin were giving him instructions aimed at trying to neuter the Democratic Party and hand full control to the Republicans, Putin would be having Sanders do pretty much exactly what he’s doing right now. Democrats with any sense at all are aware that Sanders can’t be the nominee or Trump will win. We’re headed to a brokered convention anyway, but Sanders seems hellbent on using his moment in the spotlight to simply burn down the left.

Again, this is all happening at a time when Donald Trump is threatening to send mafia goons after Adam Schiff, or whatever his “very unpleasant experience” tweet was supposed to mean. The Resistance wasn’t in a position to do much to push back against it, because its own house was on fire at the hands of an arsonist whose main goal is to burn the left down. Bernie Sanders would be far less bad of a president than Donald Trump. But Sanders would lose to Trump, for reasons that are obvious to everyone outside his cult. At the rate Sanders is taking the left down while taking himself down, we have to worry about whether there will even be a Democratic Party left to take on Trump once Sanders has been dispensed with.

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