Well we’re in it now

If you’re looking for tangible evidence of how last week’s vote to formalize impeachment has changed things, you need look no further than yesterday’s Corey Lewandowski testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. That vote is what allowed Democrats to use a professional counsel to fluster Lewandowski into essentially handing them an article of impeachment. But that’s just the beginning of what we’re now embarking upon.

We’ll see how many more of Donald Trump’s associates are arrogant enough to voluntarily appear before House Committees, under the belief that they can use their testimony to spin a pro-Trump message, without screwing up in the manner that Lewandowski just did. Of course they’ll all eventually end up being ordered by the courts to give fully cooperative testimony, under threat of being arrested for contempt of court (which is infinitely more powerful than contempt of Congress). But in the meantime, we’re seeing Trump’s impeachment troubles continue to deepen, like we saw yesterday. We’re about to see more such troubles tomorrow.

Only Adam Schiff knows what he has up his sleeve when it comes to the whistleblower report he’s trying to get from the Acting Director of National Intelligence. From the outside, it appears Donald Trump criminally leaked classified information, someone ratted him out, and the Trump regime is now trying to protect him.

The Acting DNI is reportedly going to refuse to cooperate. But he’s a weakling who has only been on the job for a proverbial five minutes, and doesn’t even really hold the DNI title. Is this guy likely to outwit a smart former prosecutor like Adam Schiff? Not for long. We’re about to see another Lewandowski-type moment every few days going forward. We’re in it now. This is simply what the impeachment process, in its early stages, looks like.

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