Well that escalated quickly

When the week began, Donald Trump was insisting that he had absolute constitutional authority to force the governors to reopen their states in the middle of a pandemic. Of course he has no such ability, and this remark was met with equal parts condemnation and derisive laughter. Now that Trump has been denied his King-like fantasy, he’s escalating things in a new direction.

Donald Trump is now posting tweets urging his supporters to “liberate” certain states that are controlled by Democratic governors. In one of these tweets he specifically referenced the Second Amendment, leaving no doubt that he’s specifically calling for domestic terrorist attacks against these governors.

Like every desperate thing Trump is trying these days, this isn’t going to magically work, of course. Some ragtag band of idiots with shotguns won’t be able to overthrow a state government. That’s not what this is about. It’s just that Trump is escalating his insanity by the day. He’s gone from threatening to invoke a part of the Constitution that doesn’t exist, to threatening to have elected leaders in the United States violently overthrown.

Donald Trump has either completely snapped to the point of no return, or his strategy is to try to make us think that he’s snapped. Either way, it won’t get him anywhere. But wow is his ongoing collapse taking an ugly turn.

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