Welcome to the age of Kamala Harris

Last night’s Democratic National Convention was a reminder of a number of things. Barack Obama is forever my President. Hillary Clinton should have been President. Joe Biden is going to make a fantastic President. And this is the age of Kamala Harris.

Yes, we saw President Obama drop a ton of bricks on Donald Trump’s head, in a speech that broke new ground in terms of historical precedent and urgency. He’ll get the bulk of the headlines tomorrow, and he deserves it. And yes, we saw one impressive speech after another, from a Democratic Party roster which reveals just how strong and diverse this party is. But really, the lasting memory from tonight will be Kamala’s coming out party.

We’ve all seen Kamala Harris the fighter. We’ve seen her brilliantly, calmly, and knowingly destroy Trump’s henchmen to their faces. But last night the nation at large finally got to see another side of Kamala, a side that’s always been there if you were properly paying attention: the side of her that’s unmistakably presidential.

Yeah, I left the word “vice” out of that last sentence on purpose. It’s a credit to Joe Biden that he picked a running mate who is every bit as perfectly suited and fully ready to be President as he is. Biden is about to be the current President. Kamala Harris is the future President, and we all know it. Biden-Harris 2020 represents a fascinating transitional ticket, a bridge to the future, and hope for tomorrow. Welcome to it.

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