It all just keeps getting stranger

During the final hours of May 2020, America was literally on fire, the police were murdering people, the plague was still raging, and failed “President” Donald Trump was hiding in an underground bunker with the White House lights turned off. Welcome to June.

If we’ve learned anything over the past month, it’s that we really have no way of predicting what we’ll see over the next month. Back on May 1st, did anyone have American cities on fire, and Trump cowering in a bunker? Back then all we had to deal with was a virus that was killing 100,000 Americans – and still continues to kill Americans.

Donald Trump is the straw that stirs the poison, so it’s difficult to imagine anything getting fundamentally better until he’s gone from office. All we can really do is try to hold the country together and make it to the election – and make sure we run up the score for Joe Biden by as much as possible.

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