Mike Pence’s involvement in the Trump-Russia scandal just got really, really weird

It’s been long demonstrated that Mike Pence played a role in the attempted coverup of the Trump-Russia scandal, whether he played a role in the original scandal or not. Pence told the media in early 2017 that he had no idea that Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was dirty, but the Democrats had sent him a letter two months earlier, informing him that Flynn was dirty. We’ve since learned that the Trump transition team knew about Flynn’s Russian antics. Pence ran that transition team. But things just got really, really weird.

It was reported awhile back that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had all of the Trump transition team emails for several months. This means Mueller already knows what Pence knew about Flynn and Russia, when he knew it, and how he responded. If Pence knew of a felony and failed to report it, Mueller has him nailed. If Pence conspired to obstruct justice by hiding the Flynn-Russia scandal, Mueller has him nailed. Of course Mueller doesn’t speak, so we don’t know what he has. But now someone else is talking about those same transition team emails.

The House Intelligence Committee – yes, the same compromised committee that just got finished pulling the Devin Nunes memo stunt to try to help get Donald Trump off the hook – is now claiming that it’s searched the Trump transition emails, and that Pence isn’t even mentioned once in them (link). There are only a couple possible explanations for this, and frankly, they’re all criminal in nature.

The first, and most obvious given what we already know about the House Intelligence Committee and its dishonestly criminal antics, is that it’s lying in the hope of protecting Mike Pence. Perhaps Nunes and his gang have realized Donald Trump is going down, and now they’re trying to keep Pence from going down with him. The other explanation would be that Pence told the transition team ahead of time to never mention his name in an email, because he was trying to cover his own tracks during the transition – which would mean that he knew criminal antics were going on, and he was trying to insulate himself. Either way, Mueller has those emails.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report