Donald Trump’s weekend from Hell

After you win something big, you announce “I’m going to Disney World.” Apparently, if your already-disastrous presidency falls into total chaotic disarray and your entire life is on fire, you to go Mar-a-Lago instead. That’s where Donald Trump headed after suffering one of the worst Fridays that any U.S. President has ever had – and his weekend is about to get much, much worse for him.

First there was the Devin Nunes memo. This was supposed to exonerate him in the Trump-Russia scandal, or give him an excuse to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or create a phony scandal for the FBI so the media would stop reporting on his own scandals for few days, or something. It’s tough to tell what the point was, because the memo was such a failure on every level. The Democrats are vowing to release a competing memo which exposes the Nunes memo as a fraud. But that may not even be necessary. It’s just the start of Trump’s problems this weekend.

The stock market plummeted by 666 points on Friday, such a surreal development that even horror novelist Stephen King ended up tweeting about how he was freaked out by it. But nevermind the devil’s number, Trump’s real problem here is the strong economy was the one thing he still had going for him. Of course he inherited that from President Obama, and he’s ruined it over the past year, and economic indicators have been quietly but surely turning negative all along. The stock market is finally acknowledging what the rest of us already knew. So now Trump gets to spend all weekend getting hit with negative headlines about the stock market and the economy.

So is there any good news for Donald Trump this weekend? His former campaign adviser Rick Gates just lost his entire legal team. That’s good for Trump, right? No. The lawyers quit because Gates is negotiating a plea deal against Trump. Trey Gowdy is still on Trump’s team, right? No. Gowdy endorsed Robert Mueller and then announced he’s quitting Congress. Meanwhile, as Trump spends his nightmare weekend hacking away on a golf course in Florida, Mueller is busy hacking away at Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report