We told you there was no such thing as Florida magically blocking Donald Trump’s extradition

Palm Beach County officials let it be known earlier this month that they were preparing for the scenario where the inevitable New York criminal indictment against Donald Trump could come while he was in Florida. It was a straightforward story, and a good sign if you want to see Trump face justice. But, in a bizarre effort to create controversy and generate ratings, large chunks of the media suddenly decided that Florida might be able to magically block Trump from being extradited to New York.

At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that no such thing even exists. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled years ago that Governors have no ability to stop extradition across state lines. So even if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tried to go to court to block Trump’s extradition, he would be immediately laughed out of court, because it would be the equivalent of demanding that giraffes learn how to fly.

Sure enough, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg has gone on television and explained that no such magical power exists (credit to CNN’s Jim Acosta for putting him on the air). Aronberg explained that DeSantis’ power to block Trump’s extradition would be “really nonexistent.”


In other words, this really was all just a false narrative made up by several major media outlets for the sake of ratings. Once Trump’s indictment in New York happens, we’ll see if the media tries to briefly spin up this false narrative again for ratings, before Trump’s extradition happens.

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