We told you Senate Democrats would make their move against Brett Kavanaugh

When Donald Trump and the Republicans installed deranged monster Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, it was one of the ugliest moments of the Trump era. But at the time, Palmer Report pointed out that if Trump lost reelection and we ended up with a legitimate Attorney General, the Senate Democrats would ask the DOJ to look into Kavanaugh’s criminal scandals.

Sure enough, Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sent a letter today to newly installed Attorney General Merrick Garland, asking him to investigate whether the FBI conducted a legitimate investigation into Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, or whether the FBI merely pretended to probe Kavanaugh. This is crucial, because we all watched it happen, and we already know that the answer is the latter.

The mere act of having the DOJ reexamine the original Kavanaugh FBI probe should be enough to kick the door open for a proper investigation of Kavanaugh’s criminal antics. Even if the sexual assault and rape allegations against Kavanaugh can’t be legally proven at this late date, Senator Whitehouse is asking the DOJ to follow the money on how Kavanaugh’s massive personal debts suddenly and conveniently disappeared.

We continue to believe that whether Brett Kavanaugh can be nailed for any of these more serious scandals or not, it’ll ultimately be fairly easy to nail him for lying under oath to the Senate during his confirmation hearing. If the DOJ did end up indicting Kavanaugh for perjury, he might feel compelled to resign in exchange for the case being dropped.


That’s all still several steps down the road. But it’s now clear that Senate Democrats are going down the road that we always expected they would. This wasn’t a particularly difficult prediction to make. To put it another way: once a legitimate Attorney General was in place, why wouldn’t Senate Democrats go down this road?

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