We told you Donald Trump had early stage dementia symptoms

During the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, it gradually became clear – even if you didn’t have a medical degree – that Trump was suffering from symptoms consistent with early stage dementia. In fact Trump became so defensive over the notion that he was slipping mentally, he famously had his doctor perform a super-easy cognitive test so he could pass it.

The thing is, some of Trump’s dementia-like symptoms became evident early on in his presidency. Palmer Report first called out these symptoms, and raised the possibility of early onset dementia, in July of 2017. We took heat for it at the time, even from people who didn’t like Trump, for daring to call it like we saw it.

But now a 60 Minutes producer has revealed that Steve Bannon observed that Donald Trump was suffering from symptoms consistent with early onset dementia back when Bannon was still working face to face with Trump at the White House. Bannon departed from the White House in August of 2017, meaning that he noticed those symptoms up close back when we were noticing it from afar.

Bannon certainly isn’t a medical professional, and neither are we. But Trump’s cognitive decline was obvious enough throughout his presidency that you didn’t need a medical degree to spot the symptoms. Major media outlets surely saw this as well, and should have called it out sooner, instead of giving us grief for daring to call it out.

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