We have no choice now

If one is training for the Olympics, one does not train for the Bronze medal. Nor does one train for the Silver. No, one goes for the jackpot — the beautiful and shimmering Gold — the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow. Olympic contestants do not settle for anything less than the best.

Nor do we as Democrats. And we must also go for the Gold in the Midterm elections. But more on that in a minute. I need to tell you a story first. It will not start with “Once upon a time.” It will begin with “In the present day.” In the present day, we have a court — the highest court in the land — a court of profound stature, justice, and the rule of law.

At least that is what it used to be. Now, the mighty court is crumbling, for it has as some of its members fearful and subservient weaklings loyal only to their own partisan and hyper-focused world-views.

I do not know if you listened to the arguments in the Mississippi abortion case. I did. And what I took from said arguments is grim news indeed. It seems pretty probable, at least to me, that the Supreme court has the votes and will uphold this vile law. And there is a good chance they will overturn Roe altogether.

Many of the Justices — especially Brett “I love beer” Kavanaugh seem to be taking a false position that giving the states the right to make these decisions allows them neutrality. In reality, there is nothing neutral about this.

Let me use an analogy. If you saw a woman getting murdered on a city street — would you call the police? Would you ask for help? Would you do something? Or would you walk on by? By walking along and doing nothing, one makes themselves party to the atrocity occurring on the city pavement. This is not a neutral position. It is a decision born of weakness.

Listening to Kavanaugh, mansplaining was nauseating (Thank you so much, Senator Susan Collins.) But there is a way around all this. And you’re it. First off — we need court reform. And the quickest way to get it is by electing more Democrats.

Don’t you see? These decisions — and the things tearing at the fabric of our nation — should inspire us, not demotivate us. We have the chance to show that good can triumph over evil.

In 2020, we had a fixed purpose — get a maniac out of the White House. But we have a purpose now as well — a goal that transcends so much — a reason in fact many reasons, to reach for the Gold and grasp it firmly.

We must do this — we must be even more inspired than last time — we must reach beyond ourselves, our friends, and families to reach EVERY HUMAN DEMOCRATIC VOTER in our nation. We have to educate — let people know that EVERYTHING we want — all of it — is at our fingertips.


We must let our voices echo far and wide, from the Smoky Mountains to the Appalachian trails to the Blue Ridge peaks. We need a wave so forceful it will crush its opposition neatly, and then when we win, the birds will come out to sing a song of victory as we set about changing the country even more than ever before.

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