Donald Trump waves the white flag

Most polls show Donald Trump somewhere between ten and fifteen points behind Joe Biden nationwide. Trump has been behind all along, but his numbers keep getting worse. One of the big reasons is that Trump has handled the coronavirus crisis in such dishonest, negligent, deranged, and deadly fashion.

Now Trump has a plan for turning things around: he’s giving up. That’s right, Trump is simply giving up on the coronavirus crisis. This is according to one of Trump’s own advisers, who is telling the Washington Post that Trump “doesn’t want to be distracted by it.” No, really. Trump now sees a deadly pandemic as a distraction.


This of course raises the question of just what Trump is trying to avoid being distracted from. Golf? Grifting? Sitting in bed and hate-watching cable news? Whatever is going on here, Trump has decided that his best strategy going forward is to wave the white flag on the pandemic entirely, and hope that doing so is somehow the key to helping him climb out of the huge hole he’s in. What a deranged monster.

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