Amid shutdown, Donald Trump is holed up watching Fox News and posting weird tweets about Eric Trump

Donald Trump’s collapsing mental state and total lack of negotiating skills have now resulted in the entire government being shut down for no good reason. Polls show that most Americans squarely blame him for the failure, and he seems to be in an even fouler mood than ever. In fact he’s holed up in the White House residence, watching Fox News, and posting one strange tweet about Eric Trump after another.

Because he has basically no one else left, Donald Trump is now resorting to sending his least favorite son Eric onto television to act as a surrogate. That’s a problem, because Eric doesn’t know anything and doesn’t understand anything. One might be tempted to stop and ask why Donald doesn’t simply go on a real television network to plead his case to the American mainstream instead of sending his son onto a fake news network on his behalf, if there were even a point in asking such questions anymore.

Donald Trump is now live-tweeting Eric Trump’s appearance on the Jeanine Pirro Show on Fox News. Eric is saying delusional things like “People have seen a year that’s incredible, that’s been filled with nothing but the best for our country, America-first policies, and they’re happy with where we are as a nation.” Really? Where are these happy people? Polls say most Americans want Trump in a prison cell. Millions of Americans took to the streets today to protest against him.

Nonetheless, Donald Trump has now tweeted about Fox News or retweeted Fox News five times in a span of half an hour. Most of those tweets are about Eric Trump of all people. This is what Donald has been reduced to. He’s trying to end the government shutdown by sending an idiot to talk to a lunatic on a fake news channel while he lays in bed and talks smack about it on Twitter. This is apparently how he negotiates deals these days. It’s time for him to negotiate his surrender.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report