Warning signs in Florida

Beneath the turquoise waves of the ocean, there lies a whole other world. It’s filled with wonder, with bright coral and tropical plants as well as a myriad of sea-life that come in many forms. The sea is an endless mystery. Songs have been written about it. Stories and historical tales have been told about it. It holds many secrets, some of which we will never know.

And so does politics. For example, why do so many people continuously vote against their own best interests As with the sea, the political arena is filled with theories. But as important as asking “why,” we must also ask ” how.” How do we get MORE folks to vote? This is particularly true in a state like Florida.

There is some disturbing news coming out of the sunshine state. Reportedly, for the first time ever, the Republicans now outweigh Democrats in registered voters.

This is not good news, and it is something we MUST take seriously as we head to the midterms. We have good — heck, we have great candidates in Florida. But we need to up our voter registration efforts. We need you.

Think about what you can do between now and 2022. If you live in Florida, then signing up to register voters is an obvious answer. Phone banking for those outside of Florida is an excellent idea as well.


There are plenty of organizations that need your activism and help. Florida is a state we can win, but this news is not great, and we must counter it by putting as much effort as we can into registering new voters. Are you up for it?

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