Warning signs ahead

Treachery in the form of Betrayal is as old as time. All through the centuries, stories have been told of dark perfidy and stinging disloyalty that has come without warning to topple individuals and kingdoms unaware. Sometimes, however, one can avoid treachery by heeding the warnings.

One excellent example is the warning to Queen Cleopatra: “beware of the dark bull. It will mean death.” Well, a bull certainly sounds harmless enough, does it not? But it turns out the soothsayer who issued the warning was correct. There had been an assination plan in store for the Egyptian Queen, and it was to happen while she was tending to — a bull. She heeded the warning and, thus, was able to save herself.

Now, we, the Democrats, see warning signs. And we must be alert and bold. We cannot let these warnings pass us by. A new poll gives Glenn Youngkin the edge in the Virginia Governor’s race. Now, this is a Fox poll, and it could be an outlier, but we must still campaign as if we’re 10 points behind.

We still have the time to mobilize. Undoubtedly, most of you have voted — if you live in Virginia. And I know many of you are phone banking and sending postcards, and making fliers.

But there is more. There is ALWAYS more we can do, especially when the warnings are so clear and pervasive. What we need to do is get through to those suburban moms. We need to have earnest conversations with the middle-of-the-road folk. These would be the swing voters.

The GOP is scaring them. Now, I do not advocate using fear as our MAIN message. But I do advocate for raw honesty. So let us be honest. We have to make it known what will happen to Virginia and what the consequences will be should Youngkin win.

And we must link Youngkin to Trump — because Trump’s numbers are still underwater in Virginia.


So I ask this: Take a few hours — perhaps over the weekend and door knock. Explain your point of view earnestly. Write down what you will say if you must. Anyone who was planning to phone bank for an hour or two? How about making it three? The warning is of apathy. We cannot let that stand. We must go all-in on this. We must win in Virginia.

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