Donald Trump’s war on the First Amendment

From the day that Sean Spicer took the podium and told the world that this was the largest inauguration crowd ever, we seemed to be stepping into a new world. For the prolific liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the now infrequent press briefings are hostile, filled with lies, and the responses are only sprinkled with occasional near-truths. As time has passed, it has become more and more clear that Trump is at war with the First Amendment; he believes that the truth is to be shaped in his image.

If you disagree with Trump, you are fake. CNN is fake news in his book, for example. It’s easy to see that his supporters have freedom to create their own reality, using alternative facts. Fox News has become state sponsored news, and those who surround Trump are apparently not allowed to watch other channels. Trump’s staff seeks to keep him in this little bubble, so as not to anger or set him off

Staff on Air Force One came under scrutiny this week, as a TV set was tuned to CNN. Trump’s tantrum quickly reminded staff of the rule. In spite of Melania’s spokesperson insisting that she will watch what she wants, it’s pretty clear that those who surround Trump are either brainwashed believers, or they live in fear of his response. Trump’s Twitter feed is filled with lies and is being reviewed by the Mueller investigation as being relevant in the potential obstruction case.

Since taking office, Donald Trump has been caught in thousands of lies. At a rally this past week, Trump told supporters to not believe what they see or hear. This is the stuff of Orwell. As a CNN reporter was disinvited to a press event because Trump felt she spoke too rudely, it was clear to others that Trump simply did not like her questions during a press event earlier in the day. As Trump seeks to control the narrative, and thus our reality, he becomes more dangerous to those of us who choose to avoid alternative facts presented as reality.

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