Melania Trump says she wants out

When the week began with Melania Trump remaining at Mar-a-Lago as Donald Trump headed back to Washington DC, even while floating the official excuse that it was due to Barron’s spring break, Palmer Report advised keeping an eye on Melania this week. She’s had a habit of finding ways to not-so-subtly snub Trump since his affair with Stormy Daniels became public, and now that Stormy’s interview has aired on 60 Minutes, she’s more likely than ever to shoot tiny proverbial daggers at her husband. It turns out she’s decided to fire off a bigger one than we were expecting.

Melania is now telling her closest friends that she’s “very, very unhappy with her life” and that “if she could, she would get away from Donald and just be with her son.” More importantly, she’s rather clearly instructed those friends to tell US Magazine that she’s very, very unhappy, because that’s precisely what her friends have done. Let’s be as clear as possible here: close personal friends of a public figure don’t run to the media with this kind of thing unless the public figure has told them to.

So now, even as Trump is facing worsening scandals ranging from the increasingly criminal nature of the Stormy Daniels coverup to the rapidly expanding Trump-Russia investigation, Melania has made a point of ensuring that the public is seeing headlines about how she wants out. So what’s her angle here? Is she simply taking out well deserved vengeance on her no-good cheating husband, without caring how it impacts his failing presidency? Is this a strategy to humiliate Donald into letting her leave with a decent sized financial settlement?

We don’t know quite what she’s up to yet. But we suspected that Melania Trump would find a way to publicly act out this week, and sure enough, she has. Everything is going wrong for Donald Trump right now. He’s in danger of losing his presidency, his money, and his freedom. Is he even in position to focus on forcing Melania to stick around by using prenuptial and custody threats? He’s never been weaker. If she truly wants out, we suspect she’ll find a way to pull it off. Then we’d be looking at the First Lady divorcing the President, even as he’s being taken down for having rigged the election in his favor.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report