Donald Trump’s wall just fell down

It’s been more than three years, and Donald Trump still hasn’t built his border wall. He hasn’t even come close. And he certainly hasn’t gotten Mexico – or anyone, really – to pay for it. Trump has illegally stolen funds from a few places, and he’s used that money to replace a few miles of existing border fences with new border fences, so he can pretend he’s building a “wall.” Now his fake wall just fell down – literally.

In what might be the most fittingly apt image to describe that abject failure that is Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency, portions of Trump’s new border barrier fell down yesterday. This sounds like something straight out of the Onion, but it’s definitely real. The culprit? CNN says that Trump’s glorified fence was done in by “high winds.”

We’ve already seen widespread documentation of people cutting through Donald Trump’s border barrier with tools that can be bought at any hardware store. We’ve seen people climb over Trump’s barrier with ladders. Now we know that no equipment is even needed. You just have to wait for a strong wind to come along and knock down the barrier… fence… thing with slats… whatever it is, and then you can just walk right through.

Donald Trump has wasted so much time and effort to build such a small stretch of fence, that’s so far removed from being a wall, and so thoroughly not being paid for by Mexico, all you can do is laugh at the fact that a chunk of his precious fence-type-thing just fell down. Actually, it’s probably not funny. CNN says no one was injured by this calamity. But this suggests that Trump’s rushed and half-baked fence swap-out project is inherently unsafe. Next time it falls down, it could hurt innocent people.

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