Wait, Kellyanne Conway just said WHAT about Donald Trump’s impeachment?

In the several days since Donald Trump’s impeachment became a thing, Kellyanne Conway has been almost surprisingly low-key. You’d think she’d be on every TV channel all day long, spewing histrionic fiction in the name of trying to muddy the impeachment waters. Instead she’s largely been staying out of it. But now she just said something about impeachment which is, well, curious.

Yesterday and again today, Palmer Report pointed out that someone in Donald Trump’s orbit has seemingly been giving him the worst advice possible, such as releasing documents that directly incriminate him. We’ve asked if perhaps one of Trump’s own people is trying to steer him, in misleading fashion, into taking himself down as quickly as possible. We thought we’d ruled out everyone Trump still listens to, because all of them – Pompeo, Barr, Pence, Mnuchin, Mulvaney – are being dragged into this scandal by the stuff that Trump is releasing.

But then Kellyanne Conway went and told the New York Times today that it “would be overreaction on our part” or set up any sort of war room or rapid response team. In short, she’s telling Trump to roll over and let his presidency die, as opposed to fighting back against impeachment in any meaningful or organized way.

This is the worst advice that anyone could possibly be giving Donald Trump right now. Kellyanne Conway is berserk but she’s not that kind of dumb. Is it possible that it’s Kellyanne who’s trying to steer Trump toward his own rapid downfall? If so, why? Stay tuned, because something is off here – even by Kellyanne standards.

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