Vladimir Putin strikes again

There’s a reason Vladimir Putin manages to remain in power. While he’s not willing to stick his own neck out far enough to put himself at risk, he’s more than willing to grind his assets and puppets into the ground. Putin’s most famous puppet is Donald Trump, the so-called President of the United States – and Putin just reminded Trump once again of how this all really works.

Donald Trump’s presidency is hanging on by thread. His poll numbers are historically bad and falling further. He’s cracking under the pressure and acting more erratically than ever. And the U.S. economy, arguably the only thing that has kept Trump in power this long, is now going off a cliff. Heading into the G7 summit, the single worst thing Trump could do to himself would be to demand that Russia be allowed back into the G7. So naturally, Trump is now “strenuously” demanding that Russia be allowed back into the G7.

This is according to major British newspaper The Guardian, which has revealed that Trump is indeed using the G7 to run what little is left of his own presidency through the shredder, all for the greater glory of Vladimir Putin.

It’s not clear if Putin has specifically ordered Donald Trump to pull this G7 stunt, or if Trump is simply doing it because he’s trying to please Putin in general. But at a time when Trump is on his last legs, he’s once again making clear that he worries more about keeping Putin happy than he does about the fate of his own presidency. It’s enough to make you wonder if Putin is also behind Trump’s economy-killing tariffs.

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