Vladimir Putin punishes against Donald Trump for failing him at G7 summit

Based on his own words and actions, Donald Trump made it very clear that he only had one real goal while at the G7 summit: to convince other G7 leaders to reinstate Russia as a member. It was obvious that Trump was doing so at the behest of his puppet master Vladimir Putin. The effort failed, as various G7 leaders essentially laughed at Trump for making the suggestion.

We were wondering if Putin would end up punishing Donald Trump for failing him at the G7. Sure enough, it turns out Russia has denied a visa application from Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who was set to visit Russia next week. This is according to the Washington Post, which hasn’t provided any possible explanation for why this happened – but we think it’s obvious enough.

Earlier this month we saw Israel refuse entry to two Democratic Congresswomen. In that instance it was at the request of Donald Trump, who openly despises them both. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was doing Trump a personal favor by denying the visas. But this situation with Russia is the precise opposite.

Senator Ron Johnson is a member of Donald Trump’s Republican Party, and a Trump ally. There’s no way that Russia is doing this to Johnson because Trump wants it to happen. In fact, Trump definitely doesn’t want this to happen. Johnson is one of his guys. This is humiliating for Trump. Considering that this happened just a few hours after Trump finished failing Putin at the G7, the timing gives away what’s going on here.

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