Rudy Giuliani caught trying to fraudulently obtain a visa as part of Donald Trump’s rapidly worsening Ukraine scandal

Earlier this week it was reported that Rudy Giuliani tried to convince Donald Trump to scoop up a guy in Pennsylvania and deport him to Turkey under fraudulent circumstances. Now it turns out Rudy also tried to bring someone into the United States for fraudulent reasons, as the Trump-Giuliani Ukraine scandal continues to unfold in surreal new ways.

Rudy Giuliani was so obsessed with disgraced former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, he tried to get the guy a visa so he could travel to the United States and help spread the phony Biden scandal. State Department official George Kent got wind of this visa scheme and testified about it to the House impeachment inquiry, according to a startling new report tonight from CNN. This makes for a far broader, and far more criminal, Ukraine scandal than anyone knew. It also places the scandal right in the laps of Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland already testified yesterday that Donald Trump told him and others that Rudy Giuliani was in charge of all Ukraine policy. This means that Trump was overseeing what Rudy was doing, and was a full participant in the criminal conspiracy. There is also no way that Rudy would have asked the State Department to get a visa for his Ukrainian goon, unless he was expecting Pompeo to greenlight it.

Interestingly, CNN says that Rudy Giuliani didn’t even bother to respond to the questions that it sent him about the visa story. This falls in line with Palmer Report’s earlier analysis that Rudy has simply disappeared, with no message, no lawyers, and no plan, as he waits to be arrested by the Feds in this rapidly worsening criminal scandal.

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