Donald Trump reaches deranged new low, tweets video with the N-word in it

Fresh off his disastrously vapid town hall on Tuesday night, Donald Trump decided to make things even worse. During a public appearance today, Joe Biden played a song from his iPhone. Someone doctored this video by inserting an entirely different song, and Trump made a point of tweeting the video.

The lyrics of the song: “F— the police coming straight from the underground, a young n—-r got it bad ’cause I’m brown.” This is of course a classic song from the hip hop group NWA. But if Joe Biden had been playing this song today, it would have been a huge scandal – so it’s a big deal that Trump is falsely accusing Biden of having played the song.

Moreover, by tweeting this doctored video, Donald Trump is tweeting the n-word, which should never be coming from the President of the United States – particularly this President of the United States. We suspect Twitter will slap Trump’s tweet with a “manipulated media” warning label, but you can find it here if it hasn’t already been taken down by the time you’re reading this.

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