This is bizarre even for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a number of problems right now. He’s been impeached in the House. His scheme to rig his Senate impeachment trial is potentially unraveling. Pro-impeachment poll numbers are still rising, while Trump’s 2020 poll numbers are as non-competitive as ever. And the evangelical community is beginning to incrementally rebel against him.

So what is Donald Trump’s solution for fixing all of this? Apparently it involves Jon Voight. The actor, whose political and social views grow more deranged every time he opens his mouth, posted a particularly creepy video aimed at defending Trump from impeachment, while claiming Trump is… God? We’re not even sure what Voight is trying to say, but we do know that Trump dutifully retweeted the video on Thursday night. Watch it below if you dare:


We’re particularly confused by the part where Jon Voight says “Let us all stand with God, with President Trump, and ask the holy light of God and Jesus for their prayers more now than ever.” We think Voight just said that Trump is literally God, which means that by retweeting it, Trump just asserted that he’s literally God. This is incredibly offensive. But it’s not shocking, considering that Donald Trump and Jon Voight are both literally insane.

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