Robert Mueller just pulled off a victory in plain sight and almost everyone missed it

Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report tonight, bringing an end to his role in the criminal investigation into Donald Trump. This is being widely spun by pundits as some kind of defeat, because Mueller isn’t (directly) indicting anyone else. But in actuality, Mueller just pulled off a victory in plain sight and no one noticed.

For the past year we’ve been hearing from these same pundits about how Donald Trump was going to find a way to fire Robert Mueller before he could complete his work and file his report. Guess what? That didn’t happen. Instead, Mueller managed to make it all the way to the finish line. He got to finish the job and file his report, after so much hype about how he would never get to this point.

Now these same pundits are spinning a doomsday tale about how the Attorney General is going to run it through a shredder and then everyone is just going to give up and move on. But that’s not remotely realistic at this point. The public has an overwhelming appetite to see the report, and House Democrats have a number of ways to force it to become public if the AG does try to play any games.

Robert Mueller completed his work, and now we’re all about to at least get to see the bullet points of it. Then we’ll find out what the various U.S. Attorneys’ offices that have been working with Mueller have up their sleeves as far as corresponding indictments. But the big story tonight is that Mueller made it to the finish line – which so many of the pundits said would never happen.

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