Jeffrey Epstein’s victims target his co-conspirators in new court filing

Now that serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein has died of a suspicious “apparent suicide” while in federal custody, his victims will never get their chance to stare him down in court. But Epstein’s victims are making a major move on another front – and it’s one which we told you was coming.

Over the weekend, Palmer Report brought you the story of how at least one legal expert believed that Epstein’s death opened the door for his non-prosecution agreement to be invalidated. This matters because Epstein’s original plea deal provided immunity for his (still unidentified) co-conspirators.

Now, according to a court filing, Epstein’s victims have indeed asked the judge to invalidate the non-prosecution agreement, thus allowing charges and indictments to be brought against Epstein’s co-conspirators. While Epstein would have had some legal ground to try to fight this motion, his protected co-conspirators don’t. If they try to fight this, it won’t go anywhere. Moreover, by trying to fight it, they would be identifying themselves in court filings, thus giving away that they were criminal targets in the original case.

Assuming the judge grants the motion, it’ll still be up to the Feds to actually go ahead and prosecute these people. Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr would then decide whether he wants to take the risk of trying to quash any such charges. But once their identities are exposed in court, state-level prosecutors in New York could target them for criminal charges as well. In any case, Epstein’s death is looking like worse news for his co-conspirators all the time.

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