The real reason Donald Trump is sitting on all those ventilators

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo didn’t mince words during his press conference yesterday. He explained that Trump-controlled FEMA was only willing to give New York City four thousand out of the thirty thousand ventilators it has in storage, even though this means twenty-six thousand New Yorkers will likely die as a result.

This raises the question of why the Trump regime is sitting on the ventilators. Cuomo made a point of explaining that there’s no reason to sit on the ventilators in case another state ends up needing them. New York can put them to use now, and by the time the next state’s hospitals are overflowing, New York will likely be past its worst point anyway – meaning the ventilators can be shipped on to the next state at that point.

So why is the Trump regime unwilling to do this? We all know Donald Trump hates New York, for a number of personal reasons. But I fear there may be more to it. Trump already knows that he’s going to lose New York in the election. By his depraved logic, why bother playing hero in a state where he’ll get zero Electoral College votes for his efforts anyway?

Donald Trump could well be sitting on the stash of ventilators because he’s waiting for the coronavirus crisis to hit its peak in a swing state or red state, so he can then show special treatment to the state by letting them be the first to have the huge stash of ventilators. Trump is depraved enough to think that this would actually gain him votes in the state, when in reality, the higher the nationwide death toll rises, the more his chances of reelection drop.

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