Matt Gaetz is completely screwed as his Venmo money trail is exposed

It’s always a bad day to be Matt Gaetz. But today is probably the worst day he’s ever had – and it’s only going to get worse for him going forward. His associate Joel Greenberg announced in court today that he’s planning to cut a plea deal against Gaetz. This means that the Feds will soon have all of Greenberg’s electronic communications with Gaetz.

As it turns out, some of those communications are already leaking out to the media. The Daily Beast just obtained electronic records showing that Matt Gaetz sent $900 in digital cash to Joel Greenberg via Venmo, with instructions from Gaetz to “hit up [name of woman].” The records show that Greenberg then turned around and distributed that same $900 to three women.

Apparently none of these three women were under the legal age at the time, though one was eighteen. This constitutes prostitution at the least. But as various legal experts have pointed out, the Feds don’t generally handle prostitution cases unless there’s an added component. Prior media reports have suggested that if Gaetz and Greenberg knew the women were destitute and needed the cash, or if they plied the girls with drugs, they could be charged with sex trafficking.

The key is that this is just one Venmo transaction that someone happened to leak to the media. If this kind of behavior was an ongoing pattern, then there will be numerous such digital transactions and receipts. Greenberg’s plea deal will give the Feds access to all such records that involved him and Gaetz. Then we’ll see whether any of the various women involved in these transactions were in fact underage girls.

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