Sean Hannity posts bizarre tweet and then vanishes

As his hero Donald Trump continues to circle the drain, Fox News host Sean Hannity has begun acting in increasingly erratic fashion. When the news broke that Trump had tried and failed to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Hannity had a frantic on-air meltdown. Then came last night, when Hannity posted a bizarre tweet, and then his entire Twitter account vanished.

It’s still far from clear what happened. Sometime after midnight, Sean Hannity tweeted “Form Submission 1649” and then added a #Hannity hashtag for no apparent reason. No one is quite sure what that was supposed to mean, or if such a form exists in any real-world context. In any case, right after he posted it, Hannity’s entire account disappeared for several hours. It created enough of a ruckus that the word “Sean Hannity’s Twitter” began trending on Twitter. Did he delete his own account as some kind of stunt? Did someone at Twitter decide to prank him? Was he abducted by aliens who wanted to return him to his home planet?

By morning, Hannity’s Twitter account had been restored. The strange “Form Submission 1649” tweet is still intact, as are all of his prior tweets, but he hasn’t yet bothered to post anything which might explain what happened to his account. He can’t have been formally suspended from Twitter, or else his account page would have displayed a message about the suspension, rather than a message saying that no such page existed. However, last year a Twitter contractor did unofficially delete Donald Trump’s Twitter account as a prank, causing it to display the same message that Hannity’s account displayed.

Considering that Sean Hannity’s words and behavior have become increasingly unhinged in recent days, and that his ranting has become indistinguishable from that of a man standing on a street corner wearing a tinfoil hat, we’re inclined to suspect that Hannity may have temporarily deleted his own account in the hope of painting himself as the victim of the imaginary anti-Trump conspiracies he keeps promising to expose. Or maybe the aliens really did take him home.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report