Donald Trump’s back is against the wall

There’s been a lot of media attention over the last few days to Donald Trump’s scare tactics that he’s been making as he hopes to frighten anyone even thinking of voting against him to stay home and chalk the election up to a hopeless loss. While his latest rantings are demented and hardly the language a president who cares about democracy, and should be rebuked, as they are, the news has been missing out on something else: Nancy Pelosi just beat the Republicans at their own game.

Last weekend, Pelosi didn’t rule out the possibility of impeaching Trump a second time, should it come to that. This largely got reported that she was actually considering impeachment again – possibly as retaliation against Donald Trump filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat before the election. Now, things are a bit clearer. By simply not ruling it out, Nancy Pelosi got the GOP in a panic about another potential impeachment – for any number of the crimes Trump might have committed while in office, despite never actually saying the word.

Today, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy came out saying he’d force a vote to remove her as House Speaker if she tried it and made a fool of himself because this is something he doesn’t have any muscle to pull off. Now, the GOP is using this non-existent issue in their campaign literature, unwittingly bringing up the fact that Donald Trump was already impeached for betraying the United States and is clearly terrified he might get impeached again. This might fire up the die-hard Trumpers who plan to vote for him anyway, but for anyone in the middle, it just makes the GOP look like the desperate and easily startled creeps they are, still haunted by impeachment. It also reminds voters that every Republican senator up for re-election this year failed to do their job.

While we always need to be vigilant, there’s much more room for optimism on our side than there is for the GOP right now. While you may be anxious over the election, it’s clear that the other team is even more anxious. This is our chance to run up the score now by phone banking and volunteering to elect Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot by November 3.

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