Unraveling Donald Trump caught secretly plotting against Republican Senate reelection campaigns

Earlier this week Trump puppet Lou Dobbs told his viewers not to support Lindsey Graham’s reelection bid. Dobbs would only do this if Donald Trump instructed him to. This means Trump is now actively seeking to punish Graham for not having delivered sufficient results for him in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump’s lack of loyalty is nothing new. But now it turns out this is a larger issue.

Trump has spent recent days privately telling donors that they shouldn’t bother supporting Republican Senate reelection bids, both because it would be “very tough” for them to keep the majority at this point, and because “you lose your soul” if you support them, according to the Washington Post. Trump has no soul, so this isn’t some sudden crisis of conscience for him. But what’s he doing? Keep in mind who he’s saying this to.

Donald Trump is telling major Republican donors to keep their money away from Republican Senators. Two possible explanations come to mind. The first is that Trump is trying to convince these donors to give all their last minute money to him, rather than splitting it with Republican Senators, because he’s just that hard up for cash. The other possibility would be that Trump is unraveling so badly, he simply wants to take his Republican Senate allies down with him.

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