Hey Donald Trump, unmask this!

With Donald Trump’s reelection prospects dwindling by the day, he’s now decided that his best bet for turning it around is to promote a hilarious conspiracy theory about President Obama and Joe Biden somehow plotting to frame Michael Flynn. Trump and his co-conspirators keep using the word “unmasking” – which is even more hilarious because that’s not even an improper thing to do.

With Trump doubling down on this “unmasking” nonsense, which obviously won’t gain him a single vote, it’s clear that there’s not one person around Trump who’s giving him good advice for 2020. Every single person giving Trump advice is either conning him into promoting this crap for their own gain (Putin), or merely playing along so Trump will keep them around (likely everyone on his 2020 staff), or truly deranged enough to believe these conspiracy theories themselves (Don Trump Junior). It’s a sinking ship of fools.

Things can and do change during the course of an election, so we must remain vigilant. But for now Donald Trump is trying as hard as he can to lose this election. Our job, in addition to putting in the necessary work on things like voter registration and turnout, is to make sure we don’t somehow fall for the notion that Trump knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t have a clue. This “unmasking” nonsense is his most self defeating gambit yet, and it’s certainly not something that we should be worried about one bit.

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