Donald Trump goes on completely unhinged fifty-tweet tirade as it all falls apart for him

When Donald Trump adopted a new “tone” on Tuesday, consisting of subdued press briefings and no angry tweets, much of the media praised him for it. Palmer Report pointed out that it was all just an act to try to get his sinking poll numbers up, that he deserved no credit for it, and that he’d be back to his deranged self soon. Sure enough, here we are.

Trump has posted more than fifty nasty, childish, and unhinged tweets and retweets so far this morning. He’s attacking Democrats. He’s attacking Republicans. He’s retweeting some of his slimiest supporters he can find. This was all predictable, and it’s not difficult to figure out why he’s doing it.

Even though Donald Trump’s new “tone” landed him some praise from idiots like Chuck Todd, it clearly wasn’t enough to change the national conversation about how Trump isn’t suited for the job, and how the pandemic is killing us. So after just two days of caving to what his handlers wanted him to do, Trump is now back to doing it his way.


Nevermind that doing it his way is what got Trump into this mess where he’s down ten to fifteen points in his reelection bid, and he’s facing prison if he loses. He still thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, and that his way is going to magically work out for him. Throw in his increasing obsession with talking about how he’s not senile, and it becomes even more clear why he’s insisting on doing things his own idiotic way.

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