Donald Trump has unhinged meltdown about forcibly shutting down the House and Senate, no one knows what he’s talking about

Earlier this week Donald Trump made the false claim that he has total authority over the governors and states. Yesterday he announced he was defunding the World Health Organization, and it turns out he can’t do that either because the funding has already been appropriated. Today Trump tried to top himself.

Donald Trump’s press conference was such a disaster today that MSNBC cut away from him twice within the first five minutes. The first time it was because Trump was attempting to air what looked like it was going to be a campaign ad. The second time it was because Trump had begun threatening to forcibly shut down the House and Senate so he can appoint whatever personnel he wants to government positions.

To be clear, Trump can’t magically force the House and Senate to shut down. MSNBC summed up the whole debacle by putting the words “Trump derails press conference” across the bottom of the screen. This comes after CNN’s chyron earlier this week said “Trump melts down.”


CNN refused to air today’s press briefing right from the start, and while it did eventually put a couple minutes of Trump on the air, it ended up quickly cutting away again.

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