Devin Nunes tied to underage sex worker scandal

Things just keep getting worse for Congressman Devin Nunes. When not going out of his way to obstruct justice in an effort to protect Donald Trump, Nunes has recently taken time to harass NBA star LeBron James or make strange Twitter posts about sharks. It now seems that Nunes might be in some legal trouble. On Wednesday, two separate organizations issued letters to the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation into his personal business investments.

A complaint filed by the Campaign for Accountability alleges that Nunes possibly violated federal laws by omitting information from his financial disclosure forms when he failed to include information on his affiliation with three California companies. He left off information as to whether he had investments or received any financial gifts from the companies’ owners. Alpha Omega, a Napa County winery, was listed as one of Nunes’s primary assets, which he reported that he purchased in 2006 for between $50,001 and $100,000 but he claims to receive little income from it each year, “despite [its] apparent success.”

While this omission would clearly violate federal law, things get even worse for Nunes. Another complaint, this one from the Swamp Accountability Project, was also filed Wednesday with the Office of Congressional Ethics. This complaint focuses on a sexual harassment lawsuit that was settled in 2015, alleging “the company hosted a fundraiser on a yacht with top investors using cocaine and hiring sex workers — some who appeared too young to consent.” With the recent allegations against fellow Republican Congressman Jim Jordan protecting Ohio State team doctor from molestation complaints, this is not a good time for Nunes to face such allegations.

So far, Devin Nunes has not answered any inquiries about his involvement or knowledge of this incident. “For this reason, OCE should prioritize a review of Rep. Nunes’ investment and involvement in the Alpha Omega Winery, and the facts reported by The Fresno Bee. Such review should be undertaken as swiftly as possible,” the complaint from the Swamp Accountability Project stated. With Congress currently wasting time investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails again, and the Thursday hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok that Congressman Ted Lieu called “stupid and ridiculous,” perhaps more investigations should be held on the actions of Jordan and Nunes.

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