Donald Trump just threw Mick Mulvaney under the bus

When Mick Mulvaney stepped in front of the cameras today and flat out admitted that Donald Trump withheld military aid specifically to try to force Ukraine to go along with the fake Biden scandal, and then said “get over it,” it was enough to make us all wonder what we were watching. Was there a chance that this was something other than a disastrous moment for Trump and Mulvaney?

If there was any thought that perhaps Donald Trump and Mick Mulvaney had cooked up some brilliantly evil plan to magically make their scandal go away by simply confessing to it all, that went out the window when Trump’s own handlers publicly panicked immediately afterward, and then Mulvaney tried to walk back his own words hours later. Even if they did cook up this idea together, it clearly didn’t go like they were hoping. Now Trump is throwing Mulvaney under the bus.

Immediately after Mick Mulvaney’s press conference, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump was pleased with Mulvaney’s performance. But now that the whole thing is playing very poorly for them both, Trump has changed his tune. He’s now leaking to CNN tonight that he was “not happy with Mulvaney’s performance” after all.

In other words, Donald Trump just threw Mick Mulvaney under the bus. We’ll see how far he takes this, and if Mulvaney still has a job in the morning. Notably, Mulvaney leaked to the media last week that he would resign if Trump tried to scapegoat him in the Ukraine scandal. Now that Trump is indeed throwing Mulvaney under the bus, what happens next? If Trump does oust Mulvaney, will that prompt Mulvaney to try to save himself by running to the House impeachment inquiry to cooperate?

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