Donald Trump just got crushed by undecided voters

By any objective measure, Joe Biden won the final presidential debate handily, and Donald Trump blew it royally. But in the end it matters less who objectively won, and more about who is perceived to have won. To that end, one snap survey suggests that Biden cleaned up with undecided voters, and Trump got crushed.

CNN always brings together a panel of undecided voters to watch the debate. Last night CNN’s panel consisted of eleven voters. Afterward, nine of them said they thought Joe Biden won the debate. Two of them said it was a tie. And zero of them say they thought Donald Trump won. That’s right, zero.

Granted, this is a small anecdotal sample size. But it’s also an overwhelmingly one sided result. And while anyone who’s still “undecided” at this point may not end up voting anyway, this is a good measuring stick for how the debate was perceived overall. Trump needed to win over voters with the debate, and it looks like he may have instead lost some voters.

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