Donald Trump’s UK visit is already a complete disaster for him

You knew Donald Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom wasn’t going to go well for him when he accused royal family member Meghan Markle of being “nasty” this week, then claimed he didn’t say it, while posting a video of himself saying it. But somehow, some way, Trump has managed to turn his UK trip into even more of a disaster than we were expecting, despite having only been on the ground there for about twelve hours.

Donald Trump made sure his UK visit was off to a poor start when he tweeted a vicious rant from Air Force One about London Mayor Sadiq Khan, calling him a “stone cold loser” and making fun of his height. What better way to ensure a warm reception in London than to attack the popular leader of London while you’re landing in London? But this was just the beginning of the debacle.

Trump apparently spent a good part of his UK trip sitting around watching CNN instead of doing anything. We know this because he ended up rage-tweeting a rant about how awful it is that CNN is the only American news outlet that he can watch while he’s in the UK. He then went on to call for a boycott against AT&T because it owns CNN. That’s right, Trump went to the other side of the world just so he could tell us not to do business with a major American company because it’s being too mean to him. Trump has also taken time out of his UK visit to rant about China and Mexico for no apparent reason.

But the real kicker came when Donald Trump bragged on Twitter that large imaginary crowds have been cheering him everywhere he goes in London, and that he hasn’t seen any protesters yet. That’s right, this guy is such a delusional narcissist, he’s convinced himself that because the huge throngs of protesters in London are being mostly kept out of his eyesight, they don’t exist. Trump probably thinks the USS John McCain doesn’t exist either. Trump needs to resign.

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