Donald Trump’s botched coverup of the Mueller report has already produced some truly ugly results for him

It’s been nearly a week since Donald Trump’s newly handpicked Attorney General William Barr released a cartoonishly pro-Trump four page “summary” of the still-buried Mueller report. We’ve since learned that the actual report is hundreds of pages long, and that Mueller’s grand jury is somehow still in effect, raising endless questions about whether Mueller was forcibly kicked off the case, and what’s really in his report. For now, it turns out no one is buying the “Barr report” – not even close.

New polling data from Pew Research, conducted entirely after Barr claimed that the Mueller report was a vindication of Trump, reveals that most Americans simply aren’t interested in what Trump and Barr are selling. Around two-thirds of Americans, or 64%, “believe Trump acted illegally.” Even more Americans, 72%, “believe Trump acted unethically.”

Hours after the Barr summary was revealed, Palmer Report predicted that it wouldn’t change a single mind. These numbers appear to confirm as much. Donald Trump is out there claiming in tweets and rally speeches that he was framed, that he’s been exonerated, and that he’s somehow the victim. But while Trump’s existing supporters are eating this up, everyone back in the real world has spent the past couple years watching obstruction and collusion play out in plain sight.

So now Donald Trump has gone to the trouble of having one of his own underlings declare his innocence, while trying to cover up whatever is really in the Mueller report, and no one has fallen for it. Not only is the botched coverup attempt falling apart by the hour, there was no real point in attempting a coverup to begin with. All it’s done is convince Americans that making the Mueller report public is an absolute necessity – the opposite of what this coverup was supposed to achieve. What an ugly scenario for Trump to find himself facing.

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