Things just got even uglier for Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

As is so often the case these days, a new fact reported about Donald Trump quickly got buried in the flood of daily news, and few in the media went back to connect the new information with other known facts about the Trump family. What we learned was that Donald Trump was seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in new loans from Deutsche Bank during the campaign.

What is public knowledge about Donald Trump – but not stressed in light of this new information from the New York Times – is that he was actively running a campaign for President of the United States, specifically on the premise of not needing money, of being so wealthy that he would fund his own campaign, and on being the only candidate so wealthy he could not be bought by special interests.

To properly convey the fraudulent basis upon which Donald Trump presented himself as a candidate in a unique position to fix government, the media would need to play clips of Donald Trump’s often repeated campaign line, “I Don’t Need Anybody’s Money. It’s Nice, I’m Really Rich,” and then point out that while he was saying this refrain at campaign rallies, he was applying and being turned down for hundreds of millions of dollars of loans from Deutsche Bank, the last known bank that would still do business with him.

To say you don’t need anybody’s money, while secretly seeking money from a foreign bank, is a lie, and it is a lie that is material to the qualifications Trump ran on. This could be considered fraud, and may be actionable. Add to this what we know about Jared Kushner’s desperate attempts to obtain millions in loans to save his real estate empire, allegedly from banks connected to foreign governments, and a clear picture begins to emerge of a family in dire financial straits.

It is in light of all these failed attempts to secure loans by both Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, that later media-covered stories should be viewed: the millions of missing dollars from Trump’s inauguration committee, and Jared Kushner’s scandal in which his family members allegedly offered to sell American visas, just to name two. Stay tuned. As Palmer Report has been reporting, it’s quite possible Trump’s scandals are worse than has been speculated and reported.