Ivanka Trump’s funeral scandal just got even uglier

Three days after Senator John McCain was laid to rest, Ivanka Trump’s controversial attendance at the memorial service is still finding new ways to get uglier. No one is willing to take credit for having invited her, raising the very real possibility that she and her husband Jared Kushner simply showed up uninvited after her father Donald Trump had been banned. Now comes word from inside the McCain family that they definitely did not want Ivanka there.

Abby Huntsman, a conservative political commentator who is personal friends with Meghan McCain, addressed the matter on The View this morning. Huntsman said that she’d spoken with Meghan about the matter, and that the McCain family didn’t want anyone from the Trump family in attendance. She then went on to accuse Senator Lindsey Graham of having invited Ivanka. That seems plausible, as Graham has suspiciously become Donald Trump’s best friend of late. But Graham has already publicly insisted that he did not invite Ivanka.

So either the person who invited Ivanka Trump to the funeral is now too embarrassed to admit to having done so, or Ivanka simply showed up without an invitation. Take your pick as to which you think is more likely, or for that matter which one is worse, but it’s now clear that one of these two scenarios did happen.


You can’t be much more of a pariah than when you show up to a funeral, and no one involved will admit to having invited you. The remarkable part is that Ivanka Trump either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care how much of a pariah she is, or else she wouldn’t have showed up. But don’t worry, because this story will find a way to get even more ugly and embarrassing. Whenever a Trump is involved, it always does.

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