The goon squad rides again, this time on Uber

Donald Trump is not a hard worker. He spends most of the day in bed watching Fox News, then he goes on vacation every weekend. But his goon squad is proving that, if nothing else, they’re willing to work hard at running cons on his behalf, and screwing up on his behalf. Now we’re learning that one of his goons was so eager to line up bribes, he even sought a bribe from one of his competitors.

We already know that Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen was actively soliciting “consulting” fees from various U.S. corporations who were looking to influence Donald Trump’s political decisions in office. AT&T and Novartis said yes; Ford Motor Company said no. Now we can add a fourth name to the list. It turns out Cohen sought money from Uber, which is remarkable when you consider that Cohen owns a failing taxi cab company that’s being put out of business.

Cohen tried and failed to convince Uber to hire him as a “consultant” after Trump was named the winner of the election, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. When Uber turned him down, he specifically pointed out to them that he was “the president’s lawyer,” thus erasing any doubt about the nature of why he was seeking the money.

This comes just hours after we learned that during the transition period, Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn met at Trump Tower with a businessman from Qatar who has since claimed that he succeeded in bribing the Trump administration. So much for the notion that Donald Trump’s goon squad was pulling these antics behind Trump’s back. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have been holding these meetings in Trump’s home building.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report