Palmer Report told you about Donald Trump’s UAE scandal a year ago. Now Robert Mueller is on it.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now focusing on the political and financial relationship between Donald Trump and his family and the United Arab Emirates. Based on what’s now coming out, there’s enough smoke coming out of the relationship to leave little doubt that there’s fire. If you’re a longtime reader of Palmer Report, you’ve known about the political and financial smoke between Trump and UAE for more than a year.

Twelve and a half months ago, Palmer Report figured out that there was something suspicious about the timing of the opening of Trump’s new Dubai golf course in UAE and Trump’s strange decision to order a risky military operation in Yemen. Trump and his family had been trying to get the UAE government to sign off on the opening of the golf resort for quite some time. But two weeks after the United States carried out that Yemen raid, which would have benefited the UAE far more than the United States if it had succeeded, suddenly Eric Trump was in Dubai celebrating the opening of Trump’s golf course (link). Why does this suddenly matter now?

Robert Mueller has now connected political and financial dots between Donald Trump’s White House, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the United Arab Emirates, according to the New York Times (link). This is not the same story that we brought you a year ago, but suffice it to say that the two stories rhyme with each other. Now that we know Mueller has been digging into Trump-UAE corruption, he’s certainly going to connect the dots between Trump’s Yemen raid and Trump’s Dubai golf course opening, if he hasn’t already.


We still don’t know why not a single mainstream media outlet was willing to call into question the timing of the opening of Donald Trump’s golf course in United Arab Emirates and Trump’s decision to take risky military action for UAE’s benefit. But we’re glad we brought you the story more than a year ago, and now that Robert Mueller is targeting Trump and UAE, we expect he’ll get to the bottom of the Yemen raid as well.

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