U.S. intel community just threw the kitchen sink at Donald Trump

Donald Trump is claiming the U.S. intelligence community never briefed him on the Kremlin plot to murder U.S. soldiers. He’s obviously lying, and the proof of this is incrementally starting to surface. What’s more, the intel community is now throwing the kitchen sink at him on other matters.

U.S. intel community officials are now telling CNN all about the ugly nature of Donald Trump’s phone calls with various heads of state. For instance Trump told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she’s “stupid,” and he told former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May that she’s “weak.” Trump also spent a lot of time telling people like Vladimir Putin that former Presidents Obama and Bush were idiots.

Apparently Trump’s phone calls have consistently been so awful, his own top political appointees concluded that he was “delusional.” While Trump reserves his absolute worst behavior for his conversations with female world leaders – described as “sadistic” – he’s also apparently been a total jerk to the likes of Trudeau and Macron as well. CNN says that Trump often spends his phone calls with world leaders bragging about his own intellect and wealth, meaning that he’s every bit as much the deranged cartoon villain we’ve always suspected.

While these revelations are startling, what stands out is that after nearly four years of relative silence on the matter, U.S. intel officials are now leaking this stuff. It suggests they’ve finally concluded that Donald Trump has to be fully exposed no matter what, even if they’re putting themselves at major risk in the process. In that regard, we expect more leaks to come. You can read the entire lengthy CNN bombshell here.

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