U.S. Army prepares to crack down on Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn cut a plea deal with the Mueller team more than three years ago, and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. Then he later withdrew his guilty plea and went full blown conspiracy theorist. Then Donald Trump pardoned him. Then Flynn hyped up what became the January 6th Capitol riot. We’ve been waiting for years to see Flynn face real consequences.

We’re still waiting to see if the DOJ charges Michael Flynn in relation to the Capitol attack. There is also a question of whether the DOJ belatedly hits Flynn with the charges that he initially avoided with his plea deal, such as taking dirty money from Russia and Turkey, as there is debate as to whether his pardon actually covers those charges. In the meantime, the U.S. Army is preparing to finally crack down on Flynn.

Now that Trump’s pardon has (at least temporarily) brought an end to the DOJ criminal case against Michael Flynn, the Army is next in line to penalize him, and it’s preparing to hit Flynn with tens of thousands of dollars of financial penalties, according to the Washington Post and highlighted by Rachel Maddow. It turns out Flynn violated Army rules by taking that foreign dirty money.

This is a big deal, because while it’s not a criminal charge and won’t put Flynn in prison, it’s finally a severe consequence for him. It’s a start, even as we wait to see if he’s criminally charged by the DOJ.

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