Donald Trump’s former lawyer Ty Cobb has sold him out to Robert Mueller

Donald Trump’s former lawyer Ty Cobb sold him out today. Cobb announced in an ABC News interview that he thinks Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an “American hero” and that Mueller’s investigation is fully legitimate. Considering that this coming from Trump’s own former lawyer, Trump is probably quaking in his boots. Wait til Trump figures out that Cobb was never really his lawyer, and that he’s already given everything to Mueller.

Back when Donald Trump added Ty Cobb to his criminal defense team, he tried to save a buck by putting Cobb on the White House payroll. Trump apparently didn’t know, or didn’t understand, that this meant he and Cobb never had one iota of attorney-client privilege, because Cobb technically represented the government the entire time, and was therefore never technically Trump’s lawyer.

This means Ty Cobb was legally required to tell Robert Mueller about every single word he and Donald Trump ever exchanged. Up to now, the only question has been whether Cobb would actually follow the law and sell Trump out, or if Cobb would be stupid enough to risk going to prison in the name of protecting Trump.

Based on Ty Cobb’s public remarks today, it’s now quite clear that he has no intention of going down with Donald Trump. That means it’s safe to conclude that Cobb has already done his legal duty by telling Robert Mueller about all his conversations with Trump. Those conversations surely included admissions of criminal behavior on Trump’s part, and/or attempts at obstruction of justice. Now we know that Mueller almost certainly has it all already.