Rudy Giuliani’s two weeks are up

Two weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani announced that he had informally joined Donald Trump’s legal team, and that he had a plan for bringing the investigations into Trump’s various crimes to an end within a week or two. He didn’t tell us what that plan was, and after having watched him in action for the past fourteen days, it’s clear that his plan was either a two-timing one, or he never had a plan. Either way, Rudy’s two weeks are now up.

In a sign that Donald Trump perhaps knows how to count to fourteen after all, he announced today to a group of reporters that Rudy Giuliani didn’t know what he was talking about when he announced that Trump had reimbursed Michael Cohen for the payoff to Stormy Daniels. It doesn’t get much uglier than that. Either because this wasn’t what Rudy told Trump he was going to do, or because Trump can see it’s not working, or because he’s figured out that Rudy is trying to sabotage him, Trump has had enough. So now what?

Despite his infamous catch phrase, Donald Trump doesn’t like firing his own people, particularly when it comes to his legal team. He hung on to the likes of Ty Cobb and John Dowd long after he stopped taking any legal advice from them. He’s still hanging on to White House Counsel Don McGahn, even though McGahn has been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller for a long time. So there’s no reason to necessarily expect that Trump will fire Rudy Giuliani any time soon; Trump only seems to abruptly fire his own people when members of his family push him into doing it.

But now that Rudy Giuliani’s own self-assigned two weeks are up, and the results have been even more disastrous than we were all expecting, it’s fair to expect that Donald Trump will try to shove him into the back seat. In fact Trump already began doing that today. Can you imagine publicly announcing that your own newly hired attorney has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to your case? That’s what Trump just did.

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